e-stimate develops and supplies professional personality profiles, team profiles and HR analyses.
Our concepts are developed with roots in Scandinavian company culture and we have a broad range of tools enabling us to supply a total platform for development.

We are pioneers in web-based profiles within HR. Already in 2000, the interpersonal profile was web-based and thus the first personal profile with web-based scoring on the market. In addition, the profile has been used since 1980 and therefore among the most thoroughly tested tools for personality profiles on the market.

20 specialists behind e-stimate

Our organisation is cloudbased. We are 20 specialists altogether who develop and run e-stimate. This ensures a constant progress and a unique focus. Our headbased is in Switzerland, and we have partners all over the World. In the Nordic region, Europe, China, Australia and the USA. We have authorised consultants worldwide and our clients count private consultancies, internal HR consultants in private and public organisations, educational institutions, sports clubs and team building and recruitment agencies.

Platform for Development

For our wide-ranging product line we offer authorisation courses, training in practical use of tools, process help, training materials – as well as technical and specialist support.

Besides our personality profiles, we have tools for 360-degree feedback and HR analysis.
A complete toolbox allowing us to offer a total range of HR analysis such as performance assessments, management and sales force development, talent development, job satisfaction analyses, potential assessments, employee analyses, customer analyses, etc.

Scientific depth

We find it very important that our tools are backed by scientific research and depth. For this reason we have appointed a scientific Advisory Board with researchers, psychologists and psychometricians within personality psychology, psychometrics and personality profiling. Our experts ensure that our tools are scientifically up to date and valid.

Efficient business model

We are cloudbased in a lean and effective setup. This gives economic advantages – advantages that we have chosen should benefit our clients in the form of an attractive pricing policy. We have an open business policy without commitments or boundary conditions. We do not charge annual fees or other hidden charges.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is important to us and therefore we support projects that help young people in marginal positions to obtain a foothold in the labour market. We also sponsor profiles for talent development in the world of sports and work with educational institutions about traineeships for students. This way, we contribute to healthy social developments with room for everyone and where the talent of the individual is in focus.

Jørgen C. Friis, Founder

Jørgen C. Friis, Founder af e-stimate. "Der er ikke noget der tyder på, at en profil er bedre, hvis man ikke forstår den..."  
Joergen C. Friis, Founder of e-stimate.
‘There is nothing to indicate that a profile is better if you do not understand it…’

Joergen C. Friis is founder of e-stimate. Joergen has a background in education, and in addition to more than 30 years of experience as consultant. He has invested more than 10,000 hours in studying the theories behind the psychological factors that affect human behaviour.

Joergen is known as an inspiring storyteller with a natural talent for converting knowledge into comprehensible messages. Our founder’s focus on transforming knowledge to practical usability is characteristic of e-stimate’s profiles and concepts.