I have used several of e-stimate’s profile tools throughout a number of years, and they have been important tools for me in my work as an HR manager. I have previously worked with other test tools but chose e-stimate based on: Their high degree of professionalism, their great functionality and the easily accessible and comprehensible reports.

We have used the profile for both white-collar workers and employees paid by the hour – and most employees in our organisation today have had a behavioural profile made, which has contributed with:

  • Improved cooperation within individual departments
  • Resolving/avoiding conflicts by increased understanding between colleagues
  • Managers have been given an extra pair of ‘glasses’ for reading employees and increased attention to their own behaviour in the role as manager
  • It has been easy for the employees to communicate ‘in colours’
  • Employees/managers request to have their profile made

Steen Kampmann Johansen, HR Manager
BKI Foods A/S