I use e-interpersonal and e-compas360 to improve respect and knowledge about each other in
Leadership Teams in Denmark, Africa and Europe.

The tests are very easy to customize and the material tracings cultural barriers.
The e-compas360 works as a very good initial preparation for each manager before working with the Leadership Team. It promotes self-knowledge and humility to own accomplishments.

In my experience the e-compas360 is mainly a self-development tool that I can also use in coaching and the e-interpersonal profile also works very well in a group setting.

The advantages of the concept is the deep theoretical foundation combined with the ease of use and clear feedback to participants. I also appreciate very much the ability to customize, and for me as the facilitator, I can use the web management to follow the process easily.

Finn Gjersø
CEO, Finn Gjersoe & co