We have used e-stimate profiles for 4 years, and have seen our revenue triple in that period.
The e-stimate tools have been a major contributor to that development.
Examples of usage includes:

  • Individual profiles in our open leadership training programs
  • Individual and Team Profiles in teambuilding processes for employees
  • Profiles used in a 2 year long development processes for senior executive teams

We have always had exceptional good response from clients on the profiles and the processes.

We clearly prefer the e-stimate profiles to other tools we have worked with, as they are much easier to understand and to use in both trainings, and in the daily work for the participants.
The e-stimate profile give deeper and longer effects. And the Work Shop tools are excellent.
Finally the customer service from e-stimate is fast, flexible and always very positive.

Carsten Bruhn-Henriksen
Managing Director
Goodwill Industries