e-stimate’ tools are used for recruitment, talent development, team development, etc.
This page allows you to read about our users’ experiences with the tools in practice – and why they chose our specific test and personal profile tools.

Found an all-in-one tool

For a longer period of time I was looking for a personal profile tool that I could use for recruiting employees in production as well as administration. At the same time, I wanted to find a tool that could also be used for development purposes. The background for wanting to find this “Swiss Army Knife” all-in-one tool was a desire to build a common language around personal profiles and behaviour.

I ended up choosing the Behavioural profile, which lives up to all the requirements mentioned above.

In addition, due to its use of the four colours, the Behavioural profile is very sensible and easy to understand.

It is my experience that the test material is comprehensible and presents the profile of the individual in a good way. Moreover, I have experienced a high degree of service and flexibility from the people behind e-stimate and a great wish to constantly develop and improve the tool.

I am really happy to work with the Behavioural profile – and along with the Five-factor profile, which I use for the more substantial recruitments – I experience that I have the optimal combination of test tools for recruitment and personal development of managers and employees at Hamlet Protein.

Vivi Stensdal, HR Manager
Hamlet Protein