For several years we have had a good working relationship with e-stimate about concrete development projects as well as support on the use of the analytical tools. At the same time, we receive positive response from students as well as corporate clients regarding the service, in case support is needed.

Our cooperation has primarily focussed on concepts for management feedback via Compass360 as well as a culture analysis concept for corporate analyses. Concepts that are used at Academy, Diploma and Master level and in actual companies.

The terms ‘validity’ and ‘reliability’ are always in focus at the Management Academy and in this area, e-stimate and the Academy complement each other well, ensuring that all concepts are theoretically well founded and thoroughly tested.

Last but not least, it is important that the use of the various analyses is easy and without complications – and that the results are communicable in a sensible way. Both these requirements are fulfilled by e-stimate at any time.

Viggo Pagh, Chief Consultant, BSc & MSc.Psych.Org.
The Management Academy – a part of Business Academy Aarhus