IDEA Entrepeneurship Centre at the University of Southern Denmark uses e-stimate’s profiles in many connections and with great success

e-stimate’s profiles are used frequently at the competency centre for entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of Southern Denmark. In particular, the Behavioural profile is used both for students wanting to be entrepreneurs but also for supplementary education and for MSc students of Business Economics and other courses.

The profiles are an important part of the introduction to innovation where they are used as the basis for opening a dialogue about where the students will fit in relation to innovation.

It is a major eye-opener to many – both regarding their abilities but also in which areas they need to supplement their competencies, explains secretariat director Lone Toftild.

Especially to new students it can be a truly eye-opening experience.

– We use the profile in numerous connections and with great success, explains Lone Toftild.

We also use the profiles in connection with the students’ work for companies.

Easy for daily use
At IDEA, the profiles have been used many times, and it is very easy to present the profiles although the recipient does not necessarily know much about personality psychology.

– They are easily communicable and explain the mechanisms behind. Many are also impressed by their accuracy, considering the relatively few questions they have answered. Only rarely people do not recognise themselves, she explains.

The profiles make many people understand themselves in new ways. Among other examples, Lone Toftild talks about a course where a group of students were presented with their profiles. After intense group work, conversation naturally turned to the profiles, which they had been given earlier that day.

– The students quickly began reflecting on their own behaviour based on the profiles. All of a sudden, they could verbalise how they reacted the way they did, for instance when becoming tired or pressed in the group work, she explains.

Beyond the fact that the quality of the profiles is important, the price has also been a decisive factor in choosing e-stimate. e-stimate’s solution also appeared to be the most economically attractive for IDEA.