At e-stimate we highly value our theoretical foundation.
You can read about the theories behind our tools, etc. via the links to the right on this page.

Our profiles and tests are valid, reliable and accurate. They are constantly developed and adapted according to newer research. Besides a theoretical foundation, we give great importance to the fact that our profiles are comprehensible and usable in practice.


Scientific Advisory Board

e-stimate has a Scientific Advisory Board keeping us up to date on the research and delivering input to ensure the scientific quality of our tools. Our Advisory Board consists of researchers, psychologists and psychometricians with specialist knowledge within personality psychology and test psychometrics.


Martin Hammershøj

Martin Hammershøj, MSc Psychology. PhD specialising in motivation and personality traits. Martin’s PhD thesis: ‘Distinguishing and integrating general causality orientations and personality traits’ focussed on the new motivational theory – Self Determination Theory.

At e-stimate we have benefitted immensely from Martin’s solid knowledge about personality and motivation.

Lasse Meinert

Lasse Meinert, MSc Psychology, Post.doc at the Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen. Lasse Meinert’s primary area of study is personality psychology, ‘Variation, flexibility and changes in the person’s daily way of life – handling variation in life’. Moreover, Lasse is part of the research project SUBSTANce.

Michael Bang Petersen

Michael Bang, PhD, MA Political Science. Attached to the research networks ‘Interdisciplinary Evolutionary Studies’ and ‘MindLab’ at Aarhus University. Michael has been guest researcher at the Center for Evolutionary Psychology, University of California – the international power centre within evolutionary psychology. Besides evolutionary psychology, Michael works with questionnaire methodology.

Viggo Pagh

Originally, Viggo Pagh has an MA degree in Economics & Business Administration supplemented with various courses, including an MA degree in Organisational Psychology. Viggo Pagh works with the Academic Professions and Diploma degree programmes in management and has solid practical experience as chief consultant at the Business Academy. Additionally, Viggo Pagh acts as coordinator of the Business Academy for Master in Leadership, management training at master level at Buckingham University.