Mental coach and coach at FC Midtjylland, Rene Petersen, successfully uses the Behavioural profile in his work to develop the talent of the football players at FC Midtjylland. Next step could be that also FC Barcelona will use it. Following a direct request from FC Barcelona, the Behavioural profile has been presented to 6 directors, including Carles Folguera, director of La-masia, the most famous football academy in the world.

At FC Midtjylland, young talents are already tested at the age of 15, using the Behavioural profile. ‘The Behavioural profile provides me with a clear depiction of the young players’ behaviour as well as their strengths and weaknesses. We look at the entire person, and this causes the youngsters to become independent, focussed and result-oriented very fast. And they are very excited about this, because the results will follow suit’, says Rene Petersen.

The Behavioural profile is used by e-stimate’s other clients for developing employees, managers and teams in large organisations as well as in recruitment agencies, educational institutions and team building companies in large parts of Scandinavia.