e-compass360 if you want to…

Take personal development a step further, carry out performance Development which provides an in-depth and nuanced description of the focus person’s personal performance.
Obtain several people’s perception of strengths as well as potential focus areas.
e-compass360 is fast, economically attractive and easy to use.

e-compass360 can be used for:

  • Talent Development

  • Performance development

  • Management development

  • Competency development

  • Change processes

  • Improving cooperative relations

  • Assessing the effect of training and Development

Valuable feedback with Compass360

Using e-compass360 you obtain valuable feedback about employees and managers. During a normal working day, this feedback is often lost. It is hard to collect knowledge about colleagues and managers in a credible way without doing it in a structured and professional manner. e-compass360 is the solution to this problem and compares several people’s perception of the same person in one and the same process. This provides a coherent depiction of performance, strengths and weaknesses and make the feedback extremely easy. At the same time, e-compass360 is very user-friendly and just as easy to use as Word.


The Compass360 report contains graphic elements, making it a very good dialogue tool.


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More than 15 years of experience with webbased 360-degree feedback

e-stimate was among the first with web-based 360-degree feedback. We have more than 15 years of experience with webbased 360-degree feedback, and therefore we know what we are talking about. We actively use this knowledge to continuously develop e-compass360.

No limitations

There are no limitations for the number of questions, number of respondents, etc.
Supplementary written feedback is available with more than 30 different ways of showing the results graphically, and almost everything in the report can be adapted.
You can combine several 360-degree assessments, you can download data to a spreadsheet, you can control everything yourself via a website, you can …

User-adaptable assessment

We already have a large number of ready-to-use question frames that have been adapted to various functions and roles in a company, but you can also create your own question frame. The report and question frame can be fully adapted to the individual company, allowing you to assess specifically relevant areas. We have a lot of experience in creating question frames and are happy to help you with developing these.


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