e-nalyzer if you want to…

Make employee satisfaction surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, workplace assessment.
enalyzer is a flexible tool for any kind of HR analyses – and internal or external surveys.

Valid data is an important starting point, when you want to launch development initiatives.
e-nalyzer is an easy and effective tool  for creating valid and understandable reports.


No limitations

  • Unlimited number of questions

  • Unlimited number of measuring ranges

  • No restrictions in response scale

  • Unlimited number of respondents

  • Additional questions and comments

  • Adaptive questions – at low and high feedback


Flexibility in reports

  • Everything can be customized

  • Customize report to your needs

  • Own logo and name in report

  • More than 20 different graphics

  • Understandable, easily communicable graphics

  • All texts and explanations can be customized

Reports ready in 10 seconds

Making good analysis reports takes a long time – you certainly know – if you have tried …
e-nalyzer make the hard work for you, and your reports will be made quickly and efficiently.
Press a button – and the reports are ready in 10 seconds.

Ready-to-use questionnaires

Need a questionnaire “ready to use”?
e-stimate has several successfully tested and validated questionnaires that are “ready to use”.
Employee satisfaction, Customer satisfaction, Team Effectiveness, Potential analyses etc.

Questionnaires is based on approved analyses of characteristics of efficient organisations.
The theoretical foundation consists of research in company cultures, efficient behaviour etc.

e-nalyzer holds many options for in-depth analyses. The graphic report makes it a strong dialogue tool.


View a sample Workplace assessment

Comprehensible report

We find it very important to make the report comprehensible and user-friendly. We use graphic elements to facilitate discussions and decision-making based on the reports.
At the same time, we use colour symbolism, making the report appealing and usable.

No fixed charges

You have no fixed charges in connection with carrying out an assessment in e-nalyzer.
You only pay for your concrete usage.


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