360 Leadership Development – if you want to…

Take the development of your Leadership a step further…
Get a nuanced Picture in order to focus on competency and performance development.

Use 360-degree feedback as a tool to quickly uncover possibilities – seen from your own point of view as well as of the surrounding world.


Leadership Development with e-compass360 is used for:

  • Management development

  • Talent development

  • Performance development

  • Competency development

  • Assessment of the effect of training and development


Knowledge rather than speculation

Using 360-degree feedback will provide you with a detailed depiction of essential competencies. You will get a well-documented basis for decision-making that can provide a solid footing for developmental initiatives. The question frame builds on analyses of the characteristics of efficient managers and the theoretical foundation is research regarding drivers and behaviour.


Management development using e-compass360

Using e-compass360 will enable you to develop managers, middle managers and other key employees. The development takes place starting from the performance of the individual. e-compass360 focusses on the individual based on the person’s own perception of performance as well as that of the colleagues. This means that one and the same process will map a number of parameters regarding the individual person that can provide the basis for development. This offers a coherent depiction of performances, strengths and weaknesses.


Management training using Compass360 begins with a full report that maps the reaction patterns of the individual. By means of graphic elements, the report makes a good dialogue tool.


View a sample report for Leadership Development using e-compass360


15 years of experience with management training tools

e-stimate was among first with a web-based 360-degree feedback tool. We have more than 15 years of experience with 360-degree feedback and we know that it is very useful in relation to developing managers. Knowing the person’s driving force, limitations and possibilities is the foundation for being able to develop the individual manager.


User-adapted analysis

The report can be adapted to the individual company to display what holds more relevance. We already have a large number of ready-to-use question frames that have been adapted to various management levels, but it is also possible to develop new question frames. We have a lot of experience with making question frames and are happy to help with this.


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