e-fivefactor profile if you want to…

Use an in-depth and accurate personality test.
Recruit and develop managers and specialists from tactical level and upward.
Use a personality test that builds on a solid scientific foundation.


The e-fivefactor profile when you require:

  • In-depth personality tests

  • Recruitment of specialists

  • Management recruitment

  • Management Development

  • Supplement to the e-interpersonal profile

Deeper insight into the personality

The e-fivefactor profile gives in-depth and detailed information about a person’s basic personality. Therefore it is a valuable personality test for recruitment, selection, coaching and talent development of managers and specialists. The profile can also be used as a supplement to the e-interpersonal profile in connection with recruitment.

The personality test is based on five fundamental qualities which are known as the pillars of the personality. The profile uncovers the 30 personality traits that make out the principal elements of each of the five pillars. Thus you obtain a broad understanding of the personality of the individual and a very deep knowledge about how the person acts.

The Five-factor profile is a strong personality test that provides in-depth knowledge about the personality. The graphic report makes it a very good dialogue tool.

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Ideal for management teams and personal development

The e-fivefactor profile makes it possible to work in-depth and precisely with personal qualities, for instance in a management team. In that way, a deeper understanding, improved cooperation and better results are obtained. The personality test is also often used with a coach in the work with goals and personality.


User-adaptable profile

The e-fivefactor profile can be adapted to your needs so the report exposes the matters that you wish. We attach great importance to the fact that our tools are good dialogue tools. Therefore, we make great use of relevant graphic elements that provide a good grasp of the results. At the same time, the graphics make it easy to discuss the report and thereby making the right decisions. The logical web access and the strong graphics enable the person to remember the process – also years later.


Scientific based and validated

The e-fivefactor profile is developed based on internationally approved personality tests for assessing personality traits.
The profile builds on IPIP’s (International Personality Item Pool) FFM model, and the question frame is adapted to company culture.

The e-fivefactor profile is continuously validated by psychometricians and thus builds on newer theories on characteristics and their significance for the personality.
This makes the e-fivefactor profile 100 per cent valid and well documented.


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