Use the e-interpersonal profile if you want to…

Use a set of professional personality profiles, developed in Europe, a DISC personal profile with greater depth and more details and a personality profile showing 8 facets instead of just four.

The e-interpersonal profile can be used for:


  • Employee development

  • Trainings

  • Recruitment

  • Relocation of staff

  • Talent development

  • Management development

  • Coaching and personal development

  • Sales training and customer handling

  • Career navigation and career development

  • Strengthening communication and cooperation


The e-interpersonal – deeper than DISC

The e-interpersonal profile has a strength-based approach and therefore has a more compliant style than the DISC personality test. The use of colours and strengths makes it easy to remember and it presents 8 facets instead of just 4, offering much more nuance and greater depth. The personality profile provides understanding of the strengths and development areas of the individuals. Among other uses, it can be used for compiling the right team of employees and for increasing focus on strengths, performance and efficiency.


A tool with many possibilities

The profiles are user-friendly and relevant in relation to the working environment. If you are familiar with DISC, you will be able to recognise many elements of the e-interpersonal profile but you will also experience that it is markedly easier to use in practice.

For instance, the profile features graphic elements which make the results clearer, while colour symbolism makes them easy to remember. Many customers use the e-interpersonal profile and colour system as a natural starting point for day-to-day communication.

You also gain access to a large number of development tools and teaching materials such as the team wheel, feedback cards, posters, etc. to facilitate the creation of value and embedding it into the organisation.


The Behavioural profile makes great use of graphics. This makes important points easy to remember and understand.


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Easily adaptable reports

Even our basic report is very comprehensive – with more content than is often required. Therefore it is very easy to adapt the e-interpersonal profile so the contents of the report fits the concrete situation and the concrete need. Your web access allows you to adapt the output yourself. For instance, you can print team profiles, job profiles, etc. and profiles can be matched. At the same time, there are no fixed charges with our profiles. You only pay per actual usage.


Scientific based – solid theory behind

The theoretical foundation of the e-interpersonal profile is evolutionary psychology, and it is adjusted in relation to new theories on basic human motivation. The e-interpersonal profile holds enough validity and depth to satisfy both experts and specialists… (more).



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View a sample e-interpersonal profile